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This concierge duty desk is always open!  

Glam Girls Lux Travels

provides a highly professional concierge travel service, providing exclusive fully escorted,

small travel groups, with experiences for women. We offer bespoke, high value experiential tours to ‘bucket list’ places.. including

Morocco, India, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Bhutan, Myanmar,

South Africa, Botswana, Crete, Paris.. the list goes on.. 

‘Girls just want to have fun!’ – that’s why #GlamGirlsLuxTravels is such a great idea. 

The average age of our clients are women aged 50 plus.

The age when we know what we want, and have the time and disposable income to enjoy travelling, in small groups!  Maximum 12.

We use fully licenced registered local wholesale tour operators, to provide you with that ultimate, safe travelling service level.

You’re never alone!  Security and friendship!


Glam Girls Luxury Escorted Tours

Have hat will travel..

Introducing CEO /OWNER Jean Wethmar and her ‘concierge services’

You will be escorted by the crème de la crème  travel concierge’s and guides.

Jean will act as consummate organizer and be your ‘friend in a foreign land’ – your go to person!

 Your ear on the ground, totally!

From the time your exclusive tour itinerary is gathered together, until the wheels roll..  she’ll be there! 

and beyond.

Testimony Time

Would you recommend our services to  your friends/family

Yes, I would say that doing the trip with Jean and a select group is the only way I would visit India and the only way I would recommend to my friends. The Glam Girls brand is quality – you get what you pay for.  I do not need to be herded around following someone in a group of 20 travellers and following a flag – I have travelled for 40 years and love travel quite independently, but strongly recommend if you want to see India, you do it with Jean and go to Rajasthan and see the extremes, the beauty, the people, learn a little of the culture – I am totally in love with Rajasthan and all I experienced ” – Dianne Cant

glam girls lux travels logo

fab travel image

Did I mention our 5* Hotels?? 

#Relax, #recover, #renew, #regain, #regrow,#reflect.

Glam Girls Lux Travels has a style and pizzazz which is simply unique. 

The value, unbelievable! 

Director , Jean Wethmar became aware of a great niche market to provide high end travelers with a unique traveling opportunity back in 2008.

Jean has a great thirst to appreciate every day to the maximum!

Very happily married  and with married children, adds to the sparkle in her eye.

She adores spots and just by the way…and she’s a very compassionate soul, and loves coral lipstick!

She’s sure to become your best friend! She also loves to cook and knows the best places to eat, always!

 The world is our oyster..  glitz and the glamour of Shanghai..   amazing peace and happiness you’ll discover in Bhutan..

The buzzy local markets in Bagan.. we‘ll do all the arrangements for you!

Oh.. did I mention.. Jean loves perfume, and Colonial classique architecture.  

Think Panama Hats, hip flasks and palm trees! 

Comte Des Cierges – The Keeper of the Candles

 The term “concierge” is evolved from the French Comte Des Cierges,

“The Keeper of the Candles”, one who tends to visiting nobles in castles of the medieval era.

“Allow me to tend to your candle”!.. says Jean Wethmar

Further info

+61 7 3814 5448 / + 61 (0) 423 306 481

 Safe comfortable travels our mission! 

We have a range of exclusive ‘Fully Escorted Tours’ in our suitcase

suitcase gloves and fob watch

  • Meet local photographers of Vietnam & Cambodia
  • Exclusive Golfing Tour (Vietnam & South Africa)
  • Girls Only with a Personal Stylist/Shopper
  • Morocco with your own Interior Decorator
  • Relive Gatsby Glamour  in Myanmar
  • Botswana, Victoria Falls, Sun City and Cape Town – highlights from Africa !
  • Sri Lanka – discover the tea trails, and the Colonial lifestyle!
  • Botswana and Victoria Falls, with a game or two of golf for fun
  • India Royal Rajasthan and Southern Belle
  • Mumbai, Delhi and more!
  • Bhutan, where the clouds are so white
  • Cape Town and South Africa amazing wine and food
  • Crete like a local – with a local
  • and many more on the horizon..  

#Recover, #Renew, #Reflect,

#Regain, #Regrow, #Reconnect, #Relax’’

says Jean Wethmar CEO Cape Lux Travels.

But.. we can also assist you with your ideal holiday escape package! 

glam girls lux travels logo
Fully escorted, exclusive accompanied Girls’s tours

throughout S E Asia, India, Bhutan,  South Africa – in fact.. all over this globe!  

How about some Q n A time Jean?.. 

Q1: Jean, you’re Australian. Where is your family from? I was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. My husband and I immigrated to Australia in 2002.

Q2: Have you always loved travel? Yes, totally! I am a gypsy at heart! I’ve been blessed to travel to many countries, but her bucket list goes on and on..  I wanted to join the circus when I was small – sanity prevailed and my parents!  #relax, #recover, #renew, #refresh, #regain, #regrow, and #renew

Q3: Who are your main customers and where do they live? My clients are  from the USA and Australia, but actually all over the world.   I’ve had over 50,000 page views since I’ve been blogging. I’m also a Twitter  and Insta Grammer, on Pinterest! Oh and Linkedin.  So I am a huge net worker  I also love photography, and red wine! Small groups are my key!

Q4: Storms of life have also swept over you Jean?.. Yes indeed, there’s nobody that escapes those life changing storms.. its those those that shape and make us into more compassionate, people with heart and ears and the ability to listen.

For anyone wanting to take part in Jean’s next trip to Vietnam/Laos/Cambodia, South Africa/ India.. Morocco.. 

or Myanmar.. or Shanghai..  or Crete….. or……?

relax fresh perspective polyvore

  Contact us for a brochure of any of our Tours

” I look forward to meeting your travel needs soon ”

0423 306 481


So.. in other words..unless your travel agent can provide you with the ‘whole package’ ..

jip.. they are useless, even though they may look wonderful!