My best pictures..they turn me into a story teller..

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My best pictures..they turn me into a story teller..

The image of this very beautiful woman was taken en route from Hue to Lang Co.. a group of budding Pilates friends were touring Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos with me.. we screeched to a sudden stop.. somebody had spotted a road side market.. the rest is history!  I captured this photograph .. the wall.. the hat.. the color all worked perfectly.. In life timing is everything! It wasn’t blurry, by the way.. I think I uploaded a small image! Talking of images.. where /how do you store all your travel images?.. printed out format, on discs, in albums.. on your computer?.. oh the dilemma of choices in life !

Sometimes.. you snap.. and then you SNAP! This image was taken early morning,  24 April’ 17 .. I was checked into the glorious Jai Mahal Taj Palace in Jaipur.. for three nights.. part of GITB’17.. the warm was warm already at Six am.. the sounds I heard?.. peacocks and pigeons and the swish, swish of this lady’s broom, sweeping the leaves.. I felt touched and totally moved. I was alone in the world.. just me and my thoughts and I didn’t want them to end! 

This image was ‘snapped’ in November’ 15 – I was privileged to escort a group of #glamgirls to Bhutan – it was 10 November, 2015 – we stopped en route from Paro tohe drive goes through Dochula – a mountain pass at 10,300’ with a cluster of 108 Chortens being of prime tourist attraction. The place gives a panoramic view of Himalayan peaks in clear weather. The tourists take a coffee break and snack up in cold weather at Druk Wanghyal Restaurant. 

Seeing this picture, Mai Loc the Photographer who lives in Nha Trang, time was September 15, Mai Loc took this image of me, and it immediately brings back a flood of memories.. I had checked into the glorious hotel Ana Mandara, I had the option of lazing around this glorious hotel’s delightful pool, or having a spa treatment, but instead I had arranged to meet Mai for a photography experience, on the back of his moped! Oh my what was I thinking when I sat clinging to him, and he whizzed me 30 minutes away from the hotel?.. my family don’t even know who/where I am! Anyway.. we got to this fishing village, and the fishing vessels were returning with their catch.. the sun was slinking behind the clouds, mountains quickly, and our camera’s went into overdrive! The smell of the air, the fresh fish, some still moving, the wet from the buckets of ice dripping onto my new black suede shoes.. and the wind through my hair.. lives on! 

This amazing well timed image was shot by myself, in February, 2013 – my husband, F and I were in Siem Riep.. first visit there.. he was doing work for ‘Save the Children Au, and I was invited along for the journey… we had 10 days in Phnom Pehn, and two unforgetable nights discovering Angkor Thom, Angkor Wat etc.. this afternoon, we had just arrived at Angkor Wat, and this little boy appeared, and sat down, in the distance, the Monk was wrapped in his prayers, and thoughts. It was an echo.. of  ‘One Day when I grow Up’ – I do trust, and prayer that little boy has found education and peace and has gone onto creating something with his life, instead of becoming a beggar. 

This image was shot on the beach in Hoi An.. the year was 2011, my beloved F and I were in Vietnam – I woke up with a gentle talking of somebody outside our superb beach bungalow on the beach.. The resort is situated 30 km from Danang International Airport and only 5 km from the ancient town of Hoi An, with one side facing Thu Bon River, and another side facing Cua Dai beach.  The local boy and his buffalo  (BOB) were scraping the sand clean from leaves, branches and twigs. He didn’t speak any English but his buffalo understood every gentle instruction. 


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