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I have come to realise sometimes timing in life just doesn’t work out!

And sometimes you just NEED that break by yourself, not with a group of strangers!

Or just you and your special man. 

Well, I’m here to help you sort out your IDEAL vac.. be it in my beloved India, North, or South –

I am connected with the best tour operator, and together, we’ll put your dreams into reality!

Thinking Mumbai?.. and then adding on Goa.. done deal!

“Oh, but we must include Ranthambhore, to spot that tiger, and no trip to India is complete without a trip to Varanasi please Jean!”


 Morocco – Tangier, and then Sahara

and for sure that place where Jimi Hendrix and the Beatles used to write all their songs! 

Speak to me today

All you have to do is pack your suitcases…

I am connected and have concierge books FILLED chokka with the IDEAL hotels! and Restaurants

Life is all about writing those travel stories into your heart, WHEN you want to travel.. not when there’s a SPECIAL on, or when the ships’s come in!

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Vietnam, Cambodia, & Laos